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Here are some of the amazing people behind the product you know and love. 


UNITY Team Member Highlight

Get to know us!

Meet Marcus Mitson, our VP of Sales!

  1. You’ve been with UNITY for about eight months now, and we’re so happy to have you! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role as the Director of Sales - East? 


I'm a native Floridian, born in Miami - raised a few minutes away from Ft. Lauderdale. I currently reside in St. Petersburg, Florida - which I love! In my current role - I have the pleasure of coaching a team of very talented and passionate Sales Professionals across the Eastern USA. Together, we're laser-focused on continuing to lead the CBD Wellness Category nationally!


  1. What initially drew you to the company and kept you passionate about your work with us?


I was initially recruited by our Founder and CEO - Alex Valley. He and I hit it off immediately!  This brand is very unique in a variety of ways - most importantly (and what keeps me passionate) is how much fun it is to sell a variety of products that our consumers genuinely love, that helps all of us stay more focused and relaxed throughout the day!


  1. Did you have any misconceptions about CBD before entering the space? If so, can you tell us about them and how you discovered CBD's true potential? 


Yes - I did!  My main concerns initially back in 2019 were how retailers would react to the ever-changing CBD laws across the country. The good news is - thanks to consumer demand, the CBD category is on fire and we have the absolute best products on the market! That said, we are extremely excited to continue to work with high-volume retailers and distributors that absolutely love selling UNITY!

  1. Can you share your proudest moment since starting with us? Given your incredible work, we know it may be hard to pick just one!


It's really hard to pick one. I'm frequently in coffee shops, grocery stores, and other "fast-casual" healthy restaurants. When the owner or manager is available, I'm usually told that they can't believe how well the product sells and how much their patrons love it! That gives me a great sense of pride every day!

  1. On the flip side, can you share a funny mishap that you’ve dealt with? What did you take away from it? 


We deal with mishaps on a weekly basis - it's all part of building a brand that's on fire!


  1. Aside from enjoying one of our refreshing CBD beverages, how do you unwind?


I like to unwind out on the water fishing or playing golf with friends and family.


  1. In just three words, how would you describe UNITY?


Unique, Delicious, Memorable.


  1. If you were one of our CBD beverages, which flavor would you be and why?


I'd have to go with our Elderflower Rose because I drink a case of them a week!


  1. Do you have a favorite quote? Inspirational or funny—whatever pops into your head!


I'm not really big into quotes - but one memorable quote came from Phil Michelson a few days ago was brought to light yesterday when he won the PGA Championship at 50 years old;


"I've failed many times in my life and career and because of this, I’ve learned a lot. Instead of feeling defeated countless times, I've used it as fuel to work even harder. So today, join me in accepting our failures. Let’s use them to motivate us to work even harder" - Phil Mickelson


  1. What are you most excited about for the future of UNITY? If they’re not top-secret, are there any exciting projects on the horizon we should look out for?


I'm most excited for UNITY to become a "household name" in the very near future! We're currently working behind the scenes on a variety of exciting projects both with our broker and distributor partnerships, on-premise and retail - to help make UNITY available across every channel, nationwide!



Meet Rocky Powell, our Senior Sales Manager!

  1. To start off, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role as our Senior Sales Manager? Congratulations on your recent promotion by the way!


Thank you! I grew up in Buffalo, Minnesota. Though, I’ve traveled so much it feels like I’m from everywhere, now. I work closely with the VP of Sales and our founders to target specific businesses and come up with ways to effectively impress UNITY upon our target demographic. My role is constantly evolving.


  1. What brought you to the cannabis industry, and to UNITY in particular?


I never thought I’d work in the cannabis industry. I was living in Bismarck, ND and the CEO found out I had a background in sales and had done well, so I was asked to join the team. I had no experience in the CPG space prior to this, but I saw how unique UNITY is and took a chance that I don’t regret.


  1. Can you share a bit of your experience as a female in a male-dominated industry?


I don’t focus on that. If you’re around people who share a common goal, things like that are inconsequential. The fact that I'm a woman is to my advantage in this industry, but it wouldn't be if I allowed myself to believe that my gender was an excuse to fail or feel lesser.


  1. Do you have any advice for people—especially young females—hoping to break into the cannabis industry? You’re definitely leading by example!


You’re in charge of every road you take in life. I often hear women say they feel they have no choices or little power, professionally. If you do your research, pursue your trade and are willing to learn, you always have power. Ask questions, pay attention, and don’t let anyone make you feel inferior because you're wearing high heels.


  1. Can you tell us about your proudest moment since starting with UNITY? Given your fantastic work, we know it may be hard to pick just one!


One of the best moments for me has been the promotion to our Sr. Sales Manager. Oftentimes, jobs can make you feel as though you’re running yourself ragged, and it goes unnoticed. Getting this opportunity after just 6 months to expand my responsibilities and learn even more has been extremely humbling.


  1. If you were one of our CBD beverages, which flavor would you be and why?


Ginger Lemonade mixes great with Tequila, and it’s spicier than most people think, so I suppose that’s fitting.


  1. Can you tell us about any upcoming projects you’re excited about?


Expansion projects! We're constantly growing, and it’s an honor to watch UNITY blossom. We're always looking for ways to break barriers in the industry, and I know we’ll continue that trend into the future. It’s about concept marketing; we see a need for a functional wellness beverage in the marketplace, and we’re here to oblige.